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is anyone aware whether the ghostwheel project is still active and/or is still around?


@tekacs he has been away for a while, there is a variation of this project there is been maintained:


it's a bit sad. I think the automatic tests are very nice, but for some reason using ghostwheel with cljs lately has led to spec instrumentation not working :S


maybe one could fork ghostwheel and try to fix it


Thanks @wilkerlucio -- guardrails is interesting and I hadn't found it, so thanks for pointing me there. I would definitely like to keep generative testing, so a combination of guardrails + clojure.spec's builtin functionality might be enough to recreate a similar (but maintained) setup for anyone who wants it... But I agree, I'm almost tempted to start fixing things in a ghostwheel fork... @saikyun


guardrails is already a fork of ghostwheel in some sense, may parts copied, but simplified


you can still do generative testing with the regular stuff (as you said), so I like that guardrails doesn't try to do too much