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Have you considered namespacing the keys.

:twitter.person/id vs. :my-ns.person/id


Wilker Lucio has talked about something that might be related in his pathom talks.


He talks about having/joining data sources.


@magra I don’t understand what you’re saying about namespacing. yes they are namespaced. how does that help?


pathom is specifically built to solve basically this problem. I’m wondering if I could also have the power of a full datalog, while being able to ascertain which keys to resolve to which data source


I think I see what you mean. I’m not worried about different instances of person/id


I’m worried about if there’s some way to write a query where a namespaced keyword would be depended on, but not show up in the query at all


I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve. I sounds to me like a sort of "routing" to databases. I use pathom on top of two datahike dbs, one 'normal' db and a second db with legacy-data. I am not at all suggesting pathom is for you, just that the talks might yield ideas how to tackle your goal. I am just guessing here.


you are correct in what I am trying to achieve. I am asking about specific behavior about datalog. This answered my question in another channel:;cid=C03RZMDSH


so I cannot statically analyze an arbitrary datalog query and know all of the attributes it depends on