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Hi there, we're looking to hire mid-level and senior software engineers here in New York City. We write a lot of Clojurescript on the frontend. Please email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you are interested in finding out more. Also please review the appropriate job requisition below. Software Engineer: Senior Software Engineer:

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Hey, are you open to hiring FT individual contractors or hiring from a dev shop, mate ( @UGGU8TSMC


Do you sponsor visas?

Cian Crosse17:03:53

Heya - new here so πŸ‘‹ - I am based in Dublin, Ireland and am looking for Senior Clojure Engineers to a remote team of Clojurians... The company is fully remote but for these roles, you will need to be in Ireland or Canada (sorry, had to edit there as just chatted with the hiring manager). You will be doing a mix of both GoLang and Clojure - 50/50 split. The catch, for this role, they need someone who is happy/ecstatic about working in a Windows environment. They have a nascent Windows product that none of them really understands the use cases for. Also, have a mature domain full of non-windows stuff to support that this person will be expected to contribute to. Let me know if you want more info, ta!

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Can you please share more about the job itself? Is the JD available somewhere?

Cian Crosse18:03:02

Unfortunately it is Canada or Ireland


I'm based in NI. But why Windows?

Cian Crosse08:03:15

@UQXS91RT7 They've a nascent Windows product that none of them really understands the use cases for. You won't be doing just windows as an FYI.

Cian Crosse08:03:06

You'd be doing everything but need to have worked on Windows OS