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Frank Jüstel13:09:41

Hello Clojure fans, a colleague at work put a flea in my ear a few weeks ago.... Whether I already knew Clojure and how cool it all was and anyway: functional programming was the future, etc.... So I took a look at it. How different could it be? After all, I've been a developer for over 30 years, albeit mostly with C-style programming languages. But it all started in the 80s with 6502 assembler and my beloved C64, then C and C++ for many years (cp/m, dos, unix system v, aix, linux, os/2 and graphical program loaders like microsoft windows). 1994 came the change to Java (at that time still alpha). In 2008 I switched to Objective-C, because iPhone apps are soooo cool. Since 2014 then working with Swift. So I was many years as a trainer & coach in the field of app development for iPad, iPhone & Co. on the road. But I left this area more and more and started to create hybrid solutions. Because somehow every customer who ordered an iOS app, sooner or later also wanted a version for Android. So for the last few years I've been involved with React Native, (JavaScript and TypeScript), and then since early 2020, apps based on Flutter. Oh, and through React Native I also got into React JS, which I'm currently working with on a customer portal for a large energy company. And now the old dog with his 52 years finally wants to learn new tricks 🐶 Functional? => how cool is that? As few side effects as possible? => Yes, of course :-) Immutability on the language level? => I don't want it any other way Elegant, compact, clear, maintainable, fast, just better => I like that And the whole thing with the support of a great community => that's what I'm here for :-) So once again a very warm hello to the community and here's to a great, functional future for all of us Franky

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We have similar arcs although once I got onto the JVM (in '97) I just stayed there ever since 🙂

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So cool and inspiring to read this. Franky! Although you are a youngster you still have a lot the rest of us can learn from. 😃

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