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A user on IRC noticed that Clojars SEO for Bing and DuckDuckGo (at least) is kinda bad. I wonder what's up with that or how to fix that; none of the first page links point to actual


Interesting. I have no idea how any of that works, but if someone wants to figure it out, I'll help where I can


Yeah I have no idea either 🙂 There be dragons from my point of view at least.


@U8SFC8HLP Is that when you type in just clojars (because you can't remember whether it is .com or .org maybe)?


On Bing, the GH repo for Clojars is in the top few results and that does at least have a link to the actual site. But a lot of search engine "rank" comes from authoritative inbound linking so updating so every mention of Clojars was a link to would help.


However, search engines also down-rank sites that a) don't change much and b) don't have "interesting" text on them. Moving the tutorial from a GH wiki into pages on itself would probably help (and then replacing each wiki page with a stub linking to the appropriate page on, so folks' links are not broken).