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Danny Almeida05:09:08

Hello!! I'm thinking of using Fulcro for a project that I'll be starting in the coming days. It's going to evolve over time, but basically involves lots of forms and CRUD operations. Should I start with Fuclro library or dig into RAD ? What are the pros and cons of each approach ? Any input will be greatly appreciated

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)09:09:24

The general recommendation is: 1. If you are learning Fulcro, learn Fulcro proper first. Avoid RAD until you internalize how Fulcro works. 2. If you know Fulcro and are creating an app, use RAD Of course it is only a guidance and you can choose to ignore it 🙂


Right. What he said. With the following note about what RAD is: RAD is a set of higher-level nses and macros that generate Fulcro stuff for you. They'll save you a ton of work in many ways, and have escape hatches everywhere so you can customize things as needed; however, if you don't understand Fulcro it will just be maddening to use. I hope to improve the documentation situation on RAD at some point, but really you have to be able to dig into the source to use it effectively, so it is important you understand Fulcro first.

Danny Almeida04:09:31

thank you @U0CKQ19AQ and @U0522TWDA. I thought so too. I've gone through about 15 chapters of fulcro, but it was a long time ago. I would have to brush up my fulcro knowledge again as it's quite different from plain clojure. Thanks again for all the work you have done @U0CKQ19AQ on this framework. It has a steep learning curve, but I like where it's at and particularly the support for forms.

Thomas Moerman08:09:24

If it is heavy on forms and crud, I'd dig into RAD immediately. I'm currently retrofitting some hand-written stuff towards RAD.

Danny Almeida11:09:29

Need help with this. I tried to run RAD tutorial but the main page is empty. Here's the output from chrome inspect - @

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)15:09:14

Works for me (e.g. http://localhost:3000/invoice-report?_rp_=WyJeICJd&amp;). Try to clear caches and build from scratch?


tutorial or demo?


ah...I forgot I even created that 😛

Danny Almeida01:09:40

i pulled it from fulcro-rad-tutorial

Danny Almeida02:09:26

deleted the javascript directory, rebuilt and stil the same issue

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)11:09:57

Could it be some mismatch between shadow-cljs, Fulcro, and ClojureScript versions? Also I think both me and Tony have OSX. It should not matter but...


I have not had time to open up that old project..if you upgraded versions of deps, it could be broken. I may have made the tutorial back in the alpha days when API wasn't stable

Danny Almeida03:09:08

no worries... just wanted to get a feel for RAD. Is there anything else I can try out ? I'm on linux


The fulcro-rad-demo is stable and maintained


and is also reasonably usable as a template

Danny Almeida03:09:19

thanks @U0CKQ19AQ. Will give it a go 🙂


I'd love to get more videos/docs out there on it. I use it regularly, and it works really well, but I do notice that I often leverage significant Fulcro knowledge to get just what I want.


it's all the same stuff (idents, normalized state, etc.), but you can't be afraid to dig into's not intended to be an opaque is intended to be hacked

Danny Almeida03:09:37

yeah that would be wonderful. Cause going through the videos while you are showing the code makes much more sense than just reading the docs

Danny Almeida03:09:10

but you have done an amazing job making all those videos on fuclro and now on RAD