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George Silva17:09:03

First of all ! thanks for this lovelly project. It's been a huge help for me to learn clojure and apply what I have been reading on several books. I've tried to jump directly into an API but it's hard. THANKS! ❤️

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George Silva17:09:41

Feedback #1: I think this is related to issues reported above, but sometimes I get passing tests when there is actually a failure. Example, i've been doing the bird watcher exercise and I have a failure that I can confirm locally, but the site tells me all tests pass, but does not let me go through. Feedback #2: Some tests have lein configurations done, others don't. Bird watching test is missing deps.edn config as well. How can I help in those cases? Should I just open a pull request? I'm a clojure newbie, but I'd love to help with this track.

Bobbi Towers18:09:27

#2 was just fixed (as of 10 minutes ago). #1 is due to the test runner still being under heavy development. Basically it only parses the test file for deftest forms to report the results, when it actually needs to extract the individual assertions and display them all as separate tests.

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yep, the more we test the more you see what is the work you have to do for the test-runner


but also for me great work that you try this on your own