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Good Morning!

Jakob Durstberger09:09:05

Happy Friday 🙂


Hey Hey! I'm very very pleased to announce that the re:Clojure 2021 CfP is now open!

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Here's a better posting:


Hey Hey! On behalf of the re:Clojure organising committee, I'm very
pleased to announce that this year's Call for Papers for the
re:Clojure 2021 conference, scheduled for December 3-4, is now open!

We already have at least one confirmed keynote speaker for this year,
namely Gerald Jay Sussman ().

This year, we are partnering with the SciCloj community, so in
addition to the usual Clojure goodness, expect workshops and talks
putting a spotlight on Clojure and Data Science.

If you have something you feel you wish to share with the community,
then we look forward to receiving your ideas. The link is on the
website (). See you all in December!

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Speaking of Sussman, Donald Knuth was just on Lex Friedman's podcast. I haven't listened yet, but I'm excited for the guest.