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Good Morning!


For the 107th time I’ve had to explain to my co-workers that images and PDFs are not the same thing, carefully explaining how displaying a PDF embedded in a web page is not a similar thing to displaying an image, so the same behaviours don’t apply and they should REALLY, REALLY not send me hundreds of PDF scans rather than images. And yet they persist. It’s driving me crazy, because of course I am the one who will have to figure out how to extract the images from the PDFs.

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PDFs can execute arbitrary code if they are not sanitized. Tell them that.


Malicious compliance: just embed the PDFs anyway and blame it on them... Some people won't change their behaviour until it has consequences.


(sorry for the rant)


@simongray One aspect of this fine group is that you have hundreds of shoulders to cry on. :hugging_face:

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iirc you could use ghostscript to convert your PDFs straight to PNGs @simongray


Conversion is an issue, though, as there is a quality loss. It really needs to be extraction. There’s a cmd line tool called pdfimages which might do the trick.


we have a similar but opposite problem - people keep uploading PDFs as avatar images for conversations in yapster, so we generally just want to render the first page to a low quality PNG


Thanks guys. I googled it myself and also found a couple command-line tools that seem to be able to do the job. I guess my main grievance is that I am already the one who has to do almost all of the work in this project, but other people keep piling on stuff for me to do because they can’t be bothered to listen to anything I’m saying.


Last year, I attempted to write down some requirements detailing formats and so on, but these are not technical people and they don’t really understand what requirements are and why they’re important for the software development process. To them if they can double-click to view it, there’s really no distinction between one thing or the other.


Thankfully, my other projects are a lot less dependent on input from others non-technical people 😉


I don’t think they don’t listen, it sounds more like they don’t care? They keep sending PDFs, and you keep making it work 😕


So far I haven’t been making it work, just been complaining that people don’t listen.


But you’re right that they don’t care.


Nice! Very happy to see that!


Any reason there are no public members in the org?


I think this is because github defaults everything to private nowadays which has bitten me a couple of times in the past already


Interestingly, I found this one channel with a topic that is becoming more and more interesting to me. Unfortunately (for me) I’m there just listening to my own thoughts.


are you waiting for us to ask which channel this is?


and you can probably discuss them here too. We occasionally say things other than good morning, emacs, vscode


It is of course #web-security.


And in celebration of that, let’s never forget to not make apps with broken access control


If the day is long and you could use some picking up, let Marcel Dadi do the picking:

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Hey Hey! I'm very very pleased to announce that the re:Clojure 2021 CfP is now open!

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Here's a better posting:


Hey Hey! On behalf of the re:Clojure organising committee, I'm very
pleased to announce that this year's Call for Papers for the
re:Clojure 2021 conference, scheduled for December 3-4, is now open!

We already have at least one confirmed keynote speaker for this year,
namely Gerald Jay Sussman ().

This year, we are partnering with the SciCloj community, so in
addition to the usual Clojure goodness, expect workshops and talks
putting a spotlight on Clojure and Data Science.

If you have something you feel you wish to share with the community,
then we look forward to receiving your ideas. The link is on the
website (). See you all in December!