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Today we released our dda-k8s-crate. A software to provision production ready mini k8s clusters. We updated version of all used components. As we are going to drop pallet support this will be one oft the last releases. We will continue work in our provs-line. The new k8s setup will be k3s and kotlin based.

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Mark Wardle20:09:22

Dear all, not sure how many health IT clojurists there are, and some (but not all) of this work is UK specific, but I’ve been quietly working on a suite of core libraries and services using clojure. If anyone is interested, you are welcome to try them out. I’d also welcome feedback, and testing (e.g hermes with non-UK editions of SNOMED) hermes - - open source SNOMED terminology library and microservice. Use for autocompletion and logic tests. dmd - - the UK medicines and devices dataset - composes nicely with hermes to supplement the UK edition with concrete prescribing data clods - - UK health and care organisations including geographic mapping (useful for health related GIS) nhspd - - lightweight wrapper around the UK postcode directory - essentially geographic data for every postal code deprivare - - early work on socioeconomic deprivation indices / ranking - useful for analytics There are more, but these are the most re-usable. Clojure, and the libraries I’ve used - including datalevin, pathom, instaparse - have made this work productive and fun! Thank you all.

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even though I’m not in the health field at all, I’ve been looking a lot at the code of these applications recently, especially Hermes. I think they are excellent examples of “real” Clojure applications, the kind that is rarely open sourced 👏 Kudos and thanks for making this available! 😄

Mark Wardle20:09:54

Thanks that’s very kind! Immutability and functional / flows of data make so much sense in health and care so unclear why so many health apps are so stateful!


fellow previous Health IT clojurist here. Nice job!

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I'm in the health IT, thanks for sharing your work

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Adam Helins21:09:36

Dear friends, this week was a very special one and it is hard containing the excitement. We launched the alpha version of Convex, the first decentralized Lisp in the world. And it looks very much like Clojure: It is essentially a worldwide Lisp machine, censorship-resistant, with an immutable and decentralized database anyone can join. A very energy efficient one, modeled around Clojure-like constructs. You'll recognize straightaway the datastructures you love and a transaction language looking strangely familiar.

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Congratulations on the alpha launch 🙂 For me the “Try it now” button on your page is broken (MacOS on Safari & Chrome).

R.A. Porter23:09:33

Skimming through, you have an error on the page. (I was worried it wasn't an error at first, but a weird implementation; I tested and confirmed it works as expected). (+ 2) ;; 4 should, of course, be (+ 2) ;; 2

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Adam Helins07:09:26

@U0N9SJHCH Hmmm, it's just a link and no one else reported it as broken. You could try again and DM me please? Thanks

R.A. Porter12:09:28

Documentation error. I was skimming, not running your samples in the sandbox REPL, and the comment at the end of this line is, as you can see, wrong.

Adam Helins08:09:05

@U01GXCWSRMW Thanks, will be fixed in next deploy! What do you think about the rest of the doc? Quite a few topics, always challenging to explain. Feedback welcome!

R.A. Porter13:09:58

They're quite good. Lots of breadth and good examples. 👍

Adam Helins21:09:48

And since Convex is built on the JVM, here is a fine selection of first-class Clojure libraries covering everything you need: It is probably a first in history that you can you anything like that at the REPL: run a node, live interact with the network, issue transactions, do off-chain computation... It certainly gives an unfair advantage to Clojurists in this space. Even if you don't have any interest in blockchain, the database alone is already pretty fascinating, even when used locally. You can retrieve and work with datastructures way larger than memory! The project originally started with Mike Anderson (creator of core.matrix) and we have had a few good names from the Clojure community since then. However we were working in the shadows and are a small team. We are looking for contributors to import more ideas from the Clojure world, help with the tech and the website (we do lack a designer as well!) We are also keen to help you build decentralized applications. I've just opened the #convex channel if you want to talk about the tech, the current libraries, and ideas we could work on together :) Eager to have your feedback!

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Very neat! Is there anywhere on the website where you talk about Clojure as inspiration for some of the lang features? Would be nice to see/read!

Adam Helins09:09:05

I don't recall how explicit it is in the White Paper, but it's briefly mentioned at least in the Clojure libs and here: