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Hi all, I've been a hobby programmer for decades and just graduated from a fullstack bootcamp (Java/Javascript). I'd love to find a spot with a company that uses Clojure or ClojureScript. I'm into emacs, lisp, erlang/elixir, forth, smalltalk, ocaml and ruby (rust and julia to a smaller degree). I figure there has to be some companies out there that wants some junior talent that has a real interest in these languages. If anyone knows or works for a company that wants to develop talent, please let me know.

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I have left you a DM. You can try there.


At LifeCheq, we are building a platform to enabled quality, broad, personal financial advice. We are looking to grow our Clojure team! Most of us are in South Africa, but we are open to other devs who can work the timezone (GMT+2)


Hello Clojurians, my team at Crossbeam ( is looking for an Associate Software Engineer. It’s a REMOTE position with a great work culture. If you are interested, please do apply to the position here

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I can vouch for Crossbeam. I worked with them on a short contract a couple of years ago. Great team!


thank you @UMJED2JHY 🙂