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Tyler Nisonoff00:06:27

@tony.kay I noticed the fulcro-rad-sql automatic resolves don’t seem to support a ::pc/transform like fulco-rad-datomic does — would you be open to a PR to add this support? For context: I use the transform to add a authorization layer on top of the automatic resolvers


Yeah, not using the SQL stuff much right now, so it isn’t getting much love.

Tyler Nisonoff04:06:38

great, EDIT: rebasing to fix conflicts good to go


Can anyone recommend a library for form components that will work on both Fulcro 2 and 3? We’re trying to clean out some deeply-entangled custom forms that also utilize react-bootstrap components. Those are some of the final things preventing us from getting on Fulcro 3. If that’s an impossibility, apologies in advance…


So this is the reason fulcro-semantic-ui-wrappers exists. When I went looking for a good component set that fully-supported “controlled” components and react that was the best at the time. I know there are other widget sets out there, and your primary concern should be that whatever you choose: the components are react-based, and all the ones you want to use support being treated as controlled components; otherwise, the pure rendering concern is a problem. There should be zero difference, though, between 2 and 3 support. Do you mean you were using some of the original bootstrap wrappers that I wrote??? You can certainly keep using those, you’d just need to copy the source out into your own app and port them.


Thanks for your reply, Tony. The react-bootstrap library that’s used in these form components is actually from cljsjs.react-bootstrap