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Benjamin Solum15:06:56

I wasn't able to find this out from the docs (so I'm assuming no), but is there any way to get Shadow CLJS to ingest source maps from npm packages it's leveraging?


there is no setting for this. they should be used by default but I believe it broke a couple closure compiler versions ago


havent checked since most npm modules don't even have source maps

Benjamin Solum20:06:56

We're ingesting packages we've bundled ourselves within separate repos. Shadow doesn't seem to be picking up external map files AFAICT.


have you tried inlining them?

Benjamin Solum20:06:16

Not yet, that's next step if I can't get externals working. I have to re-configure our build in our other project to do so so I was hoping they'd work externally.


just as a test I mean


this is all the closure compiler. there isn't much I can configure on the shadow-cljs side of things


if the closure compiler doesn't pick them up I can't do much


so if inlining doesn't work there is probably no chance to get them work externally


if they work I can look into ways why externals might not

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Benjamin Solum21:06:08

Well I'll start playing with 'em to see.

Benjamin Solum14:06:24

I've tried multiple variations and can't seem to get inline or external source maps to work. The Closure Compiler docs say it should be possible: Are there any special settings we can pass to closure to get these to work? It'd be a huge help for development.


there are no options no. if you want to setup a repro I can see if I can do something