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Ranga Rao05:06:23

Hi Clojurians, please reach out if you are interested in this remote job opportunity. Candidates should be in or close to the IST (Indian Standard Time) time zone to be able to collaborate with the team. “Software is eating the world”. If you are the kind of engineer who hears this and ponders over “What eats software?”, we’d love to chat with you! Fractl Inc., a remote-only Clojure-powered company, is building the next-generation application development platform, based on a novel programming abstraction. Founded by Stanford CS alum, funded by top tier VCs, and armed with years of research, our team of programming language and distributed systems experts have addressed a fundamental problem of software development: developers having to deal with low-level programming tasks instead of focusing on the core business logic of an application. Our goal with Fractl is to empower developers to purely focus on their business domain and build planet-scale software systems in man-hours, instead of the 100s/1000s of man-years it takes today. Building a software system that generates other software systems is a challenging, but fulfilling endeavor. Fractl Inc. is looking for a self-driven, full-stack software engineer who can rise up to this challenge and design and develop components of the Fractl SaaS platform. Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in CS/EECS/similar; or a strong demonstration of being a self-learner • 3+ years of experience working full-stack web applications, REST APIs • Excellent software design, development and debugging skills • Experience with SaaS development and Microservices architectural patterns is a strong plus • Experience programming in a functional programming language (e.g., Clojure) is a plus • Experience building apps with cloud-native services is a plus • Experience with react or react-native ecosystem is a plus

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Hi Ranga, is this position still open?

Ranga Rao03:07:24

Hi Nitin, we did hire someone great for this role. However, I anticipate we'll have more roles come up in the next 3-4 months. It might be a good idea to stay in touch. Please lmk what would be a good time for a call over the next couple of weeks.


Hi Ranga, thanks for letting me know, we can have a call this Thursday or Friday anytime between 1-5 IST