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Not super sure with the maven versioning schema, but does this look correct re the badges @tcrawley? Both include_prereleases and the normal badge shows version 0.1.18-RC3 (because that's what the API returns I'm guessing), while I'd expect the "release" badge to show 0.1.17 instead which is the last "proper" release. But again, I could be wrong as I'm not so familiar with the maven versioning schema


The behavior you are seeing is correct, unfortunately. In maven-land, the only prerelease versions are -SNAPSHOT versions. Anything else is considered a release. I think this is because snapshots aren't immutable, and can be overwritten. We could extend the concept of prerelease to extend to RCs, alpha, beta, etc (just for version classification, not for allowing mutability), but it would be difficult to catch all the ways folks define versions.


Ah, alright. Yeah, sounds tricky if we wound venture out and try to define all the ways people do their own versions. Thanks for the clarification


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