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I got re-natal running so that's a start to maybe staying in the cljs ecosystem.


@afhammad The SQL support library is somewhat half baked. It works, but I don’t know if anyone is using it production. It has some missing pieced, the most significant being grabbing data on join tables. You might want to also look at path-om, as it has a better story overall for turning the graph query syntax into arbitrary data pulls. Same answer to @macrobartfast: REST is usable, and pathom can make life easier when interfacing with it…you just have to translate the graph into a REST call. You don’t “win” as much in a full-stack sense, but you’re definitely no worse off IMO.


The native stuff is still pretty young, and I found it to be a little raw last time I tried it. I’d love for there to be a great story for Fulcro across the web and native. It’s really dependent on tools like that more than anything.


@djjolicoeur It’s impossible to keep docs perfectly in sync with evolving code. The book is less than a month old. Everything is perfectly relevant. Evolutions in the template are just attempts to make things a little better, of course. I work very hard to make sure when I actually add/improve an API that the book gets updated. There are certainly errors in the book, but they should be few and far between.


@tony.kay thanks for the perspective on this... I certainly can proceed with Fulcro as I'm learning a lot about clj/cljs as a result, even if I have to augment my approach later.


@tony.kay thanks, I started going through it yesterday and that seems to be the case. I appreciate the effort to keep the book up to date and I hope my question didn't come across as criticism, I just wanted to make sure I was going down the right path before I got started.