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i see that omcljs/om has react 16 support but there hasn't been a release since May. is there something preventing a beta-2 release? (current release is 1.0.0-beta1


this is probably aksed frequently, but, can I make cross-platform native apps wrapping my cljs project in a thing?


where thing is docker or electron or whatever? (recommendations welcome!)


You might want to look into react-native, there's cljs libs for that.


Is there any wrapper for client in clojurescript? If not, how can i make a wrapper for a npm package?

Graham Seyffert21:01:46

I’ve never used it before, but that’s the first one I’d try


wait socket-io and are not the same?


@U7V9HE682, if you haven't already seen it, you might want to check out the sente library.


Looks great! But I need to connect with an existing socket-io service

Graham Seyffert22:01:43

I believe socket-io is just the cljsjs package for


If I do this on js:

var socket = require('')('');
socket.on('connect', function(){});
socket.on('event', function(data){});
socket.on('disconnect', function(){});
How would I do it on cljs?


(let [socket (js/io.connect "`)]
  (do (.on socket "connect" #())
         (.on socket "event" #())))


do inside let is redundant btw

Graham Seyffert22:01:06

Haven’t been able to find a cljs wrapper for the JavaScript library, but there is a clj wrapper for the Java library -


This is great, but is a Clojure implementation, I need a clojurescript one

Graham Seyffert22:01:44

Yeah I thought you might 😕 At any rate, the cljsjs wrapper for might be helpful in writing your own wrapper for


but you can use doto there (doto socket (.on "connect" #()) (.on "event" #()))


Is it conventional to put cljs dependencies in the :provided leiningen profile so they’re available at compile-time but are not packaged into the Uberjar?

Graham Seyffert22:01:55

Anyone have a good idea about why trying to resolve a multi-method would work in my cljs repl but not in a .cljc file? Specifically, (methods @(resolve (quote sym))) works in my repl, but throws the following error - Uncaught Error: No protocol method IMultiFn.-methods defined for type cljs.core/Symbol: - when called in a cljc file that doesn’t explicitly :require the namespace that the multi-method lives in. Just to be clear, I have a cljs file that’s calling a function in a cljc file that’s trying to resolve a multi-method defined in another cljc file, but both cljc files are (:require)’d in the cljs file


Why would you want to put temporary files used during compilation into the resources dir, as shown in the compiler options page? Wouldn’t this include them in the Uberjar, which is unnecessary?