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@thedavidmeister what I do now is pass on the original key to yet another multi-method which handles all :myattr/* requests, the mutation observers in hoplon/brew are an example of this


mmm it's all a bit indirect though, you can do it of course but it would be nice if core was more directly extensible


which is kind of the point of your branch


@thedavidmeister I thought I would share another angle for describing dataflow that just popped into my head, this time not how it works but in how it transforms the developer experience. It occurred to me that expressing an app as so many independently conceived cell formulas does the same excellent job of decomposing a complex app as does the finite state machine approach to a problem, in which we are always focused on just one state and one input. Those are trivial to produce and yet a complex state handler emerges, one that is easy to debug and extend. Jes thinkin out loud.