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@hoppy do you have any insight on how to make the reconnect feature work as intended? I'm setting the reconnect flag to true - but when the onConnectionLost callback gets invoked, the connection just stays dead and doesn't attempt to reconnect


@jamitter, I haven't had problems with that. we can talk/compare code after day job ends later if you can't get it working


@hoppy absolutely, thank you


Hey folks, anybody have suggestions for handling making a cljsjs package for a project that contains a css file as part of its dist?


In particular, I was thinking about trying to submit a cljsjs package for:


It generates a css file as part of its build process:


unfortunately, services such as cdnjs don’t seem to handle this case gracefully, re: npm packages with arbitrary assets like css or images as part of the dist bundle:


What do you think is the most graceful way to deal with this? Any caveats I should know about? Does this fall in the territory of “not currently supported” by cljsjs? Maybe the sort of thing where I would submit an “externs only” package and request that the user side-load the JS and CSS content through some other means like NPM?


Hmm, never mind, I think I may have answered my own question by referring to how react-virtualized is packaged!


Ah, there is also a wiki article covering this. Should have done a better job searching first!