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OK, 0.2.0 is up on Clojars! It uses the latest (0.5.342) tools.deps.alpha and supports Git and Local deps as well as Maven deps. It no longer updates Boot's :dependencies by default (but there's an option to do that) -- it updates the classpath directly. Like clj it can accept a final deps as an EDN string via the command line. It runs the tools.deps logic inside a pod.

Petrus Theron17:01:27

@seancorfield I'm getting Assert failed: The :source-paths, :resource-paths, and :asset-paths must not overlap. .. (empty? (set/intersection paths parents)) with :source-paths #{"src/cljc" "src/clj" "test/cljc" "test/clj" "env/dev"} and :resource-paths #{"resources"}. Is boot-tools-deps injecting something perhaps?


@petrus it might be updating source paths based on your deps.edn


@petrus also I think there’s a default to include src I believe 🤔

Petrus Theron17:01:11

fixed by setting {:paths [] :deps { ...}} explicitly in deps.edn

Petrus Theron17:01:50

should I move my boot :source-paths into :paths? From reading the deps.edn docs, it seems that :paths is for "resources"? and extra-paths is for source?

Petrus Theron17:01:48

Getting this warning when running my dev task which has (comp (deps) (watch) (cljs) ...):

Compiling ClojureScript...
WARNING: No ClojureScript in project dependencies but ClojureScript was found in classpath. Adding direct dependency is advised.

Petrus Theron17:01:41

I'm guessing adzerk.boot-cljs is checking the boot :dependencies. Would one expect deps task to update the environment?

Petrus Theron17:01:16

Getting this as well after moving to deps.edn:

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: warning-enabled? does not exist
clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: warning-enabled? does not exist, compiling:(adzerk/boot_cljs/impl.clj:1:1)


Hi, wondering if I can sift files in an :asset-path directory to another location, like with files on :resource-paths?


What Boot calls :source-paths is taken from :extra-paths and means "source that you don't want in your artifacts"; :resource-paths is taken from :paths and means "source/resources that you do want in your artifacts". boot-tools-deps will also add directories to :source-paths that it finds on the classpath (constructed by tools.deps) that arean't already in :resource-paths or :source-paths. At least, that's what I intended it to do.


The point of boot-tools-deps is to replace build.boot if it's just paths and dependencies, or at least replace the :resource-paths, :source-paths, and :dependencies parts if your build file is more complex.


Per the README in boot-tools-deps, if you're using it with tasks that rely on :dependencies being updated, you need to specify -B (`--overwrite-boot-deps`).


Hope that helps?

Petrus Theron21:01:27

yes, thank you 🙂. I managed to get past the boot-cljs warning-enabled? error, with (deps :overwrite-boot-deps true), but now my testing deps from build.boot are overwritten. How should I use aliases or some other scoping to get them back for development? Specifically, I had [metosin/boot-alt-test "0.3.2" :scope "test"].

Petrus Theron22:01:29

Ah, nevermind: I see there is an :aliases argument 🙂 Will try that


@petrus Glad you got it up and running. The README has an example of using :aliases inside a task. Happy to improve the docs based on any suggestions you have.


With the cljs tool chain and boot-tools-deps, be aware of issue #7...


@seancorfield Are you planning on using :local and load-file in your monorepo?


@dominicm Not sure yet. We're pretty attached to the automation we have in dependency analysis in our current build.boot file so I'm not sure that we'd want to go to a manually-managed setup.


So, I was thinking it would be useful if tools.deps exposed a list of directories where manifests were found. They could be searched for other files then (e.g. a build.boot!)


But I haven't really explored too far with that idea yet.


Hi all, is it possible to bundle scss files alongside clojure source in a jar, and use them in another project?