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would love to join an SF Clojurescript (or Clojure) meetup. I am just beginning to move beyond beginner level, and would like to talk IRL with practitioners!


Although it looks like it's mostly down to just one a month in SF itself now. Factual used to host an "office hours" meetup that was pretty interesting, and there was often a third monthly meetup down on the Peninsula.


There are a few general FP groups in the Bay Area as well. Sometimes those can be interesting too.


I live and work (remotely) in the East Bay so I don't get into SF much (but I ran that SF Clojure Meetup for about two years a while back).


gotcha, yeah that SF meetup should be a good start for me. I am in Fremont right now (moved recently from Berkeley), but work in SF


iOS developer by the day, but clj/cljs by the night!


Ah, you're just down the road from me -- I'm in Castro Valley.


nice! I have made a habit of working on my clojure project on the BART 🙂


I've been using Clojure in production for nearly seven years. Always happy to chat about our experiences 🙂