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sometimes I use eshell to run commands inside Emacs, and I have multiple shells open


it would be great if switchiing to eshell could switch to the one related to the project I was just on


it should not be too hard in theory, anyone did something like that already?

Kevin F15:12:29

If you use projectile then I believe projectile-run-eshell does what you’re describing. Bound to <projectile-mode-map> x e (likely C-c p x e if you’re using suggested projectile-mode-map of C-c p


ah yeah that works, just have to remember to always use that though also to switch to the right shell


how can I find what application is using a specific hotkey on windows? I am trying to use C-) in paredit but Emacs is not receiving this command. C-h k C-) does not show anything. I already disabled Ctrl+Shift that was used to Language Switching. In fact I receive the command C-(

Kevin F15:12:24

I haven’t dealt with this before, but suggests w32-register-hot-key as a potential solution


Oh, I should be in trouble.. I think this function w32-register-hot-key only exists in the native windows installation. I am using through WSL2