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Leah Neukirchen10:12:32

is the keybinding for cider-pprint-eval-last-sexp-to-comment a joke or am i missing something?


In Spacemacs its just , e p e - leader + evaluate + pretty print + last sexp (expression) Or , e p ; to evaluate pretty print to a comment (which is very nice I think). I found the chorded key bindings the most challenging thing about Emacs, its not just a cider challenge. There are only so many combinations you can have with C-c and C-x or without over-riding other popular key bindings in Emacs.


@U01FQSYHRCY We literally ran out of letters/characters in the top-level cider-mode keymap, so we were forced to nest some commands. I know it sucks, but blame the English alphabet. 😄 In general all non-essential eval commands are under C-c C-v something.

Leah Neukirchen11:12:16

i'll map it to C-c ; or so 😄


Good idea! Unfortunately CIDER can't touch the C-c keybindings as that's bad form for an Emacs package, but everyone else has the power.

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