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Hello, I have a strange issue within emacs, I can't get rid of. When I type in some code, the company mode popup appears and shows me the suggested methods. But when I want to browse through them, the popup is closed and the cursor moves to the next line. Also when I try to hit enter, or click on the suggestion, the same happens. Strangely this happens not all the time. Also I have the feeling, that it works better with internal methods than with libraries. But this is not proven. I use Emacs 28 with the doom config and the latest Cider.


Mind posting your doom config? I'm also on Emacs 28/native-comp and it's all good for me I think my company boxes use LSP to populate the options. In any case, it seems like whether it uses Cider or LSP is irrelevant. Issue is probably with how your company is configured


Finally I found the solution, as it is described here: