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Sorry @taoroalin, it looks like no one responded to you! Would you mind creating an issue for this through VS Code -> Help -> Report Issue to we can see environment info? This sounds pretty odd.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)17:12:25

I heared it is not possible to assign running a custom function inside a repl to a key combination (eg ctrl-shift-t to execute (clojure.test/run-all). Is that right? Will it ever be possible? In Cursive I use it eg to trigger ns reload and app restart.


It's a bit more than a single key combo, though.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:12:46

I see, that looks good, thanks!

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It’s designed to be executed with a feel a bit like a multi chord, if you select the names carefully.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:12:18

Is it possible to send in arguments, such as the current line? (for integration with Notespace so that I can send it (notespace.api/eval-note-at-line 14) to eval the note at line 14)


Unfortunately not. I think we should add it. It was suggested for the very same reason earlier today on ClojureVerse:


Not used Notespace, though, so not sure what the options/workarounds are.


Hi! I feel dumb for not being able to find the answer to this... but is there a way to see the docstring for a function, without reaching for the mouse and hovering over the function name?


Try ctrl+k, ctrl+i


The command is "Show Hover" - yours could be mapped differently, but mine is that by default


Dear Calva Friends. I do not want you to stop using this channel in the awesome way you do currently. Just wanted to let you know that I just enabled Discussions on the Github repo. I think it might become a nice complement for questions and discussions that risk drown in this more chat-like forum. We’ll see, but please feel invited to lead by example by commenting and starting nice conversations:

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My personal view in terms of usability, slack, Zulip or Discord are far more accessible as they have a specific app. Is there a desktop/mobile app for GitHub discussions?


Me, I don't have slack subsription so I can't see older discussions. Not even private ones. Also, each app has it's own protocol. Trying to discuss in multiple communities means having 3-4+ apps open on desktop. I miss IRC


@U011NGC5FFY I am enjoying using the Clojurians Zulip, which has a slack archive that is a very nice way to consume the conversations as it has the full history, e.g. for Calva its archived here I have the Zulip app open and only open Slack in a browser if I need to post something. This minimises the apps I have open. I have the Slack app on my phone to monitor a few channels that I am very active in, e.g. #practicalli and #spacemacs (and hopefully calva when I finally get a perfect vim environment figured out). I agree that sometimes you can have too much choice - there is a section of philosophy that discusses having too little and to much choice...

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> (and hopefully calva when I finally get a perfect vim environment figured out). calva ❤️


Here’s hoping you find this. The How to use Calva with VIM story on is a bit depressing.