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I’m trying to figure out whether I screwed up my SSL/HTTPS config somehow or whether the IT department providing the server did. If I make an HTTPS request to a Pedestal web service and I get an 1) empty response and 2) the Pedestal log show no request having been made, then I guess it’s safe to assume that my IT department is blocking port 443, right?


@simongray double check ::http/host ""


Thanks. That was actually the first surprising issue I had, but I solved it yesterday 🙂

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I think I narrowed this issue down to having to do with a failing SSL handshake, probably because I imported some Let’s Encrypt certificates into a java keystore in a wrong way..? To be fair, for some inexplicable reason using a certificate in Pedestal/Java applications requires using a keystore file and importing the certificates into a keystore, apparently requires first converting them into a separate pkcs12 file… it’s all very convoluted and hard to understand :P


Fixed… the problem was actually just me destructuring the wrong key somewhere in my Clojure code… sigh