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Jon Walch02:11:43

Anyone have this issue with starting up a new Solo 1? I didn't have this problem with Production 1.

fatal error: An error occurred (404) when calling the HeadObject operation: Key "<system-name>/datomic/access/private-keys/bastion" does not exist
Unable to read bastion key, make sure your AWS creds are correct.
I'm logged in and followed the instructions here


where do you get this error? when trying to connect your access gateway proxy?

Jon Walch19:11:37

yeah when trying to run the datomic-socks-proxy script


i would guess your AWS creds are not right in that environment


yeah, if the proxy wont start at all it generally is due to AWS credentials


have you sourced them in that env? and/or set up AWS profiles?

Jon Walch01:11:32

I'm pretty positive that my creds are fine because I can run other aws commands without issue

Jon Walch01:11:30

I also configured the inbound rule on the security policy, and attached the relevant security policies to my user group

Jon Walch02:11:58

no idea what i did differently this time besides name the system something different, but its working now


is it recommended to name card-many attributes as plural? if not, why not?


is there a place where i can see well designed examples of datomic schemas?


In datomic cloud, where can I see the cast/dev messages, I'm not seeing any messages in cloudwatch


I'm working with Datomic Cloud and have wired up an ion to Lambda to API Gateway which is secured through Cognito to require a user token to access. Next I want to know who is using my ion. Parsing the context I find this: {:clientContext nil :identity {:identityId "" :identityPoolId ""}} (among other things). I expected this information to reflect my user or give some sore of indication as to who was using my ion. Can anyone help me understand how/why this information is not present and how I might get it?