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Msr Tim02:11:14

Hello, I followed ions tutorial described here

Msr Tim02:11:55

aws lambda invoke --function-name $(GROUP)-get-items-by-type --payload \"hat\" /dev/stdout

Msr Tim02:11:13

this worked as expected but when i setup api gateway and did a curl i get the following

Msr Tim02:11:38

curl https://{URL}/dev/datomic -d :hat


@meowlicious99 if i dedcode that response it seems legit (aside from the missing == from the end of the data):

$ (pbpaste; echo ==) | base64 -d
#{{:color :green, :type :hat, :size :medium, :sku "SKU-23"}
  {:color :red, :type :hat, :size :small, :sku "SKU-3"}
  {:color :green, :type :hat, :size :xlarge, :sku "SKU-31"}
  {:color :red, :type :hat, :size :xlarge, :sku "SKU-15"}
  {:color :green, :type :hat, :size :large, :sku "SKU-27"}
  {:color :yellow, :type :hat, :size :large, :sku "SKU-59"}
  {:color :yellow, :type :hat, :size :medium, :sku "SKU-55"}
  {:color :yellow, :type :hat, :size :xlarge, :sku "SKU-63"}
  {:color :blue, :type :hat, :size :medium, :sku "SKU-39"}
  {:color :red, :type :hat, :size :large, :sku "SKU-11"}
  {:color :green, :type :hat, :size :small, :sku "SKU-19"}
  {:color :blue, :type :hat, :size :large, :sku "SKU-43"}
  {:color :red, :type :hat, :size :medium, :sku "SKU-7"}
  {:color :yellow, :type :hat, :size :small, :sku "SKU-51"}
  {:color :red, :type :hat, :size :small, :sku "SKU-12345"}
  {:color :blue, :type :hat, :size :xlarge, :sku "SKU-47"}
  {:color :blue, :type :hat, :size :small, :sku "SKU-35"}}


In Datomic Cloud, how do we copy a database to a new database? Naively transacting the datoms from the tx-range fails because the entity ids do not match

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I am experiencing an odd behavior when I need to connect to datomic cloud. Oftren I receive an error :cognitect.anomalies/unavailable "connection refused". however, I just wait and execute the mount/start command that is managing my connection with datomic and everything works fine.


Hey folks. This is a potentially dumb question but, as I'm going through the ion tutorial, I'm noticing that the web service ion section results in an api gateway endpoint that ends with /datomic. Is /datomic always necessary at the end of the url? If not, how do I get rid of that?