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I downloaded the download stats from clojars so you don't have to

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But now we have to download them from GitHub 😛 Will this repo be kept up to date automatically?


I also wrote some code at some point, downloading stats into a local SQLite database:


getting them from github should be a lot faster than pulling them off the API. It's not automatically updated, you can easily use the oneliner in the README to get whatever you're missing


I see. Would be curious to see how you use jet/babashka to analyze, would be a cool demo for those tools


I might do a nextjournal notebook as soon as I have five minutes of idle time ;)


Thanks for the shoutout to babashka and jet. Your stats example is here in the gallery:


@U07FP7QJ0 Maybe it makes sense to group those EDN files in one or more subdirectories, since having them on the top level makes loading the Github repo in the browser slow, creates a warning and hides the README

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tech.datatype has a new release. We are currently using it for working with forecast datasets which means it is getting tested with high dimensional large numeric datasets. We recently added support for buffered images and for colorizing 1 and 2 dimensional tensors:

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missing-test-assertions: a small library that ... detects missing test assertions

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Renamed the project.