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Derek the sheep?


Shaun the sheep?


😃 Good guesses. It is the Ancestor: The Moomin family keeps him around, to ask for advice in the really tricky situations that life sometimes brings (extra tricky if you are a Moomin, granted). I'm hoping my children and descendants will keep me around for similar reasons. So, I am using that avatar to remind myself of this goal of mine. (This is tounge-in-cheek, of course, but also for real. As a father I need to take being a role model seriously.)

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Telling @vijaykiran and @raymcdermott about this dimming out of ignored forms, I realized there is no demo for it. Here's a gif showing it in action. It also shows how stacking the ignore markers work, like I was trying to explain in the interview (which might not be known to all Clojurians 😃).


Nice! I tried it in both vscode and Emacs/Clojure mode. Calva works correctly


The example is very contrived. But since i learnt about this stacking of ignores, I've started having good use for it quite often.


(And there are still bugs in Calva's dimming of these, but only for really stupid uses, so I will not break my back to try fix them.)


Encouraged by how @vijaykiran seemed to like the low-cursor-precision comment-top-level evaluation I described, I am now going to add this gif to the Calva README. It demos several more features, apart from the in-comment eval, like: • signature help while typing function calls • evaluation result display is a bit sticky (so you can examine several evaluations at once) • there is a bit richer display of results in the hover of the evaluated expression. There is also some structural editing going on. As well as some VS Code multi-cursor editing (which is super awesome).

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