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I just installed lsp and lsp-ui and have a few questions, hope someone can help me here: - I can’t find a way to change foreground color for lsp-ui-doc frame. When Setting lsp-ui-doc-background face I can change the background, it still doesn’t affect color of the text, for some reason. - with lsp-ui-sideline turned on I see “add-missing-libspec” message, what the heck does this mean?


this is not really an answer to your question, but as far as adding a missing libspect is concerned, may be the following will help shed some light on the meaning of that phrase:


ah, but here’s the thing - it shows that for everything


could it be because it also shows this: “Warning (lsp-mode): Unable to calculate the languageId for current buffer. Take a look at lsp-language-id-configuration” when I open .clj files?


sorry, don't think i'll be of any help -- i only just got lsp stuff working with clojure the other day -- total novice here 🙂


ah, that message seems due to improper documentation for clojure-lsp. I fixed that, but I’m still seeing add-missing-libspec ;(