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I love Clojuredocs, the site. After clicking “Update Clojuredocs” in Cursive for the nth time, I finally got to wondering what it produces for me. I’ve never used the ^J shortcut before, but know that I read about it and know about it, I’d certainly like to! However, the Clojuredocs examples aren’t shown to me. I can’t find out where to configure it, perhaps I’ve done something to turn it off (or not turn it on), but I don’t know where. Anyone know where I should look?


In Preferences | Languages &amp; Frameworks | Clojure under Documentation Options, do you see something like: ClojureDocs archive is x days old?


Someone did report to me the other day that the examples weren’t showing for them. I just tested it now, and they’re showing for me in CLJ but not in CLJS, I’ll investigate that.


It says ClojureDocs archive is 0 days old. And right you are, it works in CLJ, and not CLJS. (I didn’t think about discerning 🙂 )


Ok, I’ll check that. ClojureDocs doesn’t support CLJS, but I did add code to look up the CLJ equivalents when showing doc for CLJS, if they exist. I’ll check why that’s not working.


That sounds preferable! I bet there are cases where confusion could follow, e.g. when examples use clojure-only fns, so I’m curious to see if you are making it visible to the user that the request for documentation was made in CLJS, and that the found documentation is a best-guess that originally applies to CLJ.


Honestly, I can’t remember 🙂. I did plan to. I don’t have the code in front of me right now.


I’m patiently curious, I should have said 😄 No worries, I’ll wait and see.

AJ Jaro12:06:08

Is there a specific configuration I need to ensure that CLJS files are always under the source root? Everytime I start IntelliJ and open a CLJS file for the first time I get this error/warning at the top of the file: > File .cljs is not under a source root . Add source root It resolved easily by clicking the Add source root link, but it seems like I shouldn’t have to do that. However, I’m also not sure it’s related to Cursive. :man-shrugging:


what does your deps.edn / project.clj look like on your CLJS project?


generally when I see this, it's because I don't have the file in the source root according to whatever deps/lein profiles were being indexed with, so I have to go update that


Yes, this usually means that you don’t have the source root defined in your build tool, or that you have it defined in an alias and don’t have that synced. @UGMAVSMUM Can you give us more details about your project?

AJ Jaro12:06:19

In project.clj I have this:

:source-paths ["shared-src" "src"]
and in shadow-cljs.edn I have this:
Do I also need ui-src in project.clj?


Yes, your project.clj isn’t reflecting what’s in your shadow project.

AJ Jaro19:06:48

ugh, thanks @U0567Q30W. That’s a noob mistake right there…


No worries, I’m planning to support Shadow as a project type soon, which will stop all this messing around.

AJ Jaro02:06:12

And that’s why you’re the best @U0567Q30W!! I appreciate your active support out on the line!


I’m going to have to quote Bozhidar here: “I’m not the best, but I’m pretty good” 🙂

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Does anyone have any pointers for setting up cursive to work on a babashka project? Is it possible to connect to a babashka REPL?