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David Pham05:06:13

Any chance you can see it in the console log with cljs source map? Maybe make a breakpoint and check the trace

Michaël Salihi07:06:26

@mikethompson Haha, excellent 😄 > The FISA Court requires that we deny all claims that do-fx is secretly injected NSA surveillance-ware. > We also note that you've been sloppy with your personal grooming again, including, but not limited to, forgetting to clean your teeth on one occassion last week. Src:


That joke had a harder edge in the time of Peak Snowden

David Pham10:06:20

Does anyone have issue with 10x with Chrome? It is not displayed, while it works on chromium and Firefox. It was working fine yesterday...


Try (settings cog) > Factory reset

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David Pham13:06:49

what is cog?


Oh, if it's not displaying 10x then you won't be able to see it! Look in local storage, you should see some 10x stuff - delete it all

David Pham13:06:31

I reset Chrome and had a similar effect 🙂


is there a way to donate to the re-frame project?


(or perhaps just a developer)?