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#announcements Atom-feed Happy Friday everyone! As a byproduct of the, I’m happy to announce an of this stream. Details: • every non-thread message is an item • there’s a couple of hours delay to allow for editing and moderation • code can be found at Follow-up in #community-development

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will this feed be hosted somewhere?


cool. so is there going to be a feed for each channel? e.g.


The code seems to only cover the announcements stream. I guess you could fork it and run it on other Zulip streams and topics and produce feeds for other "channels" and host that wherever you want?


Just wondering


@U04V15CAJ I think this would indeed work for streams like #news-and-articles and #releases. I might give it a stab next week!


I did some more work on (adapts manifold streams/deferreds for use in core.async go blocks) to work much better with streams. There are still some corner cases I’m sure, but this does work better with streams now than the initial, naive approach. Release version 0.1.4.

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in a similar vein to the intake.manifold project that @csm301 just mentioned, Yummly has just released a forked version of manifold that fixes a number of bugs from let-flow as well as introduces a new namespace and macro called tsasvla that allows you to write code that looks like core.async/go, but works with deferreds instead of channels: Relevant documentation: Relevant namespace:

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