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@naomarik I think that’s fixed in CIDER’s master, as I disabled the broken auto-completion there.

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Hello! I have a qn on CIDER & Ultra compatibility - I can't tell if it has since been fixed or if I still need to apply the follow patch ...


Never used ultra myself, so I can’t really comment. It really depends on how exactly they wrote their colorizing middleware, but these days you probably don’t need it, as you can just use CIDER directly with puget.


Okay! Shall look into it! Need to slowly configure CIDER ... :x


Just remembered that ultra uses whidbey internally and it should in theory work well with nREPL 0.6 ( Still, I’d go with CIDER’s puget integration directly, as that’s all that ultra does in terms of colorizing the output.


Alright! Shall go with that - I looked at Ultra thinking ill use it for lein repl - but realistically I probably will be using the repl mostly within emacs anyway


Yeah, exactly. If you don’t use a lot the lein repl directly (I don’t use it at all), you won’t benefit much from ultra anyways.


Hello, When trying to jack-in with cider, I get this error

[nREPL] Starting server via /usr/bin/npx shadow-cljs -d nrepl:0.8.0-alpha3 -d cider/piggieback:0.5.0 -d refactor-nrepl:2.5.0 -d cider/cider-nrepl:0.25.3-SNAPSHOT server
[nREPL] server started on 8777
[nREPL] Establishing direct connection to localhost:8777 ...
[nREPL] Direct connection to localhost:8777 established
[nREPL] Establishing direct connection to localhost:8777 ...
[nREPL] Direct connection to localhost:8777 established
error in process filter: nrepl-send-sync-request: Sync nREPL request timed out (op eval code (require 'cljs.core))
error in process filter: Sync nREPL request timed out (op eval code (require 'cljs.core))
The error on the pending-repl is
ERROR:ERROR:  Unhandled REPL handler exception processing message Unhandled REPL handler exception processing message{ :nrepl.middleware.print/stream? {1, :nrepl.middleware.print/stream? :nrepl.middleware.print/print 1, cider.nrepl.pprint/pprint, :nrepl.middleware.print/print :nrepl.middleware.print/quota cider.nrepl.pprint/pprint, 1048576, :nrepl.middleware.print/quota :nrepl.middleware.print/buffer-size 1048576, 4096, :nrepl.middleware.print/buffer-size :nrepl.middleware.print/options 4096, {:nrepl.middleware.print/options :right-margin {80}, :right-margin :op 80}, init-debugger, :op :session init-debugger, 67d4a7cc-2560-47ef-a567-291e064389e7, :session :id9da9e612-c842-4281-a0a2-4a7aff82b00b, :id 6}
This is probably a configuration problem or version mismatch but maybe you have a hint?


Thank you! I was using Java 8 Trying with java 11 worked


Anyone using CIDER with lein-monolith? Have do I force cider-jack-in to always be at the root? This is what I mean, if I have a project with a structure like this:

├── project.clj
└── modules
    ├──  module-1
    │    ├── project.clj
    │    └── src
    │        └── module1_main.clj
    └── module-2
        ├── project.clj
        └── src
            └── module2_main.clj
And my current buffer is on module2_main.clj, if I call cider-jack-in, it does it for the module-2 project. I need to force it to jack-in at the very root. Any ideas how to do that?


define a jack-in function that has the project root in it


for instance, mine at work:

(defun aclaimant-jack-in-dashboard ()
    (cider-connect-cljs (list :host "localhost"
                              :port 7888
                              :cljs-repl-type 'figwheel-connected
                              'project-dir "~/projects/aclaimant/acl")))


note the project-dir there. you could set the root rather than any of the modules


and instead of cider-connect-cljs could cider-jack-in-clj or whatever your needs are


Nice. Thank you Dan, seems exactly what I'm looking for

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