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fyi, that's one of the two helper functions that I mentioned as potential workarounds for your use case


In the rad-report, to load data, I want to send in a param to the server. I am using a ro/control for that. This control is not rendered, I am just giving using its :default-value. (I see lot of errors on the console complaining that it does not know how to render the control) Is there a better way to do this, to modify the eql query for data load that goes to the server when the report is loaded ?


I am actually wondering the same thing. It even breaks one of my reports.


so, that is kind of a hack…better to use the visibility lambda on the control


visibility lambda?


sorry, probably undocumented


controls have a disabled? and visible? lambda


in a control you’d just say :visible? (fn [this] false)


or even :visible? false if it is always false….most things in RAD that accept a lambda will also accept a constant


you can also just leave it out of an explicit layout, I think


I gave it both :visible? falseand :disabled? true, still gives the error No renderer installed to support parameter :account/id with type/style null


well, you ahve to give it a style/type to not get the warning 😜


the warning is about finding a rendnerer for it. The visible can’t even be evaluated if it doesn’t run the UI code…and it can’t do that if it cannot find UI code


🙂 tried that too `No renderer installed to support parameter :account/id with type/style :default :default` - but no worries this is not a blocker or anything


I hues :string :default would work?


Oh, uuid, you'd have to install a renderer for that type, there isn't one


I have to display a report in the pivot form, but it also has to be editable. The ro/form-link doesnt work. However using ro/field-formatters I can assign a link to one of the fields. The problem is that the id is not in the :ui/current-rows. The id is included if I include it in the ro/columns vector, however then it is also displayed. So either th id is displayed and included in the :ui/current-rows, or it cis completely left out. Is it possible to get the id in the :ui/current-rows but also prevent its display ?


Yes there is! There is ro/row-query-inclusion


It works like the :query key in normal defsc.


@U2APCNHCN thanks, but that did not solve the problem. I needed the id field in the :ui/current-rows without the field being rendered. I hacked it by copying the rendering logic, and removing this field from the map.


Yea that is literally what row-query-inclusion is for


maybe in the regular context, but for a table which was rotated and hence had denormalized data this did not work.


hi, can anyone point me to a publicly available fulcro app that's used in production? is awesome but there are some corners where i wonder what people do in real life