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Is there a way to compare Match records? In the frontend context, because the controllers are functions, two otherwise identical match objects are never equivalent.


I'm new to a project that uses reitit. Does anyone know where I can find documentation on reitit.frontend.easy/start! and related functions? I have a suspicion that there are a number of similar functions that act as an interface between reitit's standardized routing format to different contexts (i.e. a browser, ring, pedestal, etc.), but I can't seem to find any documentation that says that's how things work. Have I missed an obvious intro paragraph somewhere?


Not sure what you’re after @bmaddy — sharing routes between frontend/backend?


No, just trying to understand what it does. I think it's probably just time to read the code.


Hi @U06CM8C3V. Yep, that part is pretty clear. It looks like a middleware system.


There’s also a “Basics” and “Browser Integration” section you can access from the topics on the left of that page.


Ah, I think "Browser Integration" > "Easy" and reading the code cleared things up for me. My previous mental model was that the current route would be stored in the app-state and there would be a sync between that and browser history. Thanks for the help.

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i'm sure the answer is obvious, but how might i go about using ring/spec to coerce a parameter to a long?