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@curlyfry The next release has a fix for the resolution customisation problem you were having. I now allow customising any var to any other - I realised that many of Clojure’s core forms affecting resolution (`alias`, refer etc) are functions, not macros so now I allow it all.


So things like re-frame wrappers will now be easier.


Hey, should Debug be available for remote REPLs? I tried starting the Cursive REPL via IntelliJ’s “Debug…” but it does not seem to work and does not behave differently than normal run. Also the “Run > Debug” menu item is always greyed out. The documentation only mentions local REPL debug, is it not available for remote REPLs? I found some old Github issues around that which seem to indicate that it should work.


@cfleming Hi Colin, we’re having a problem with IDEA being immediately shut down as soon as we try to debug our ring server. We’re guessing that it could be a similar issue to, as we see the same shutdown message in IDEA’s log as soon as we try to start the leiningen process. Our configuration: Run/Debug Configuration -> Leininigen -> Arguments: ring server-headless, Use trampoline: checked, Activate tool window: checked

:profiles {:dev {:plugins [[lein-ring "0.9.7"]]
                   :dependencies [[ring/ring-mock "0.3.0"]]
                   :test-paths ["test"]}
             :api {:ring {:init api.core/init
                          :handler api.core/app
                          :port 6003}}
             :worker {:ring {:init worker.core/init
                             :handler worker.core/app
                             :port 6004}}}
Any ideas on how we could fix this?