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New To Clojure00:12:29

Hi, is there a way to have such layout in Emacs:

|1 | 2 | 3 |
or (when corresponding files are opened):
|  | 2 | 3 |
|1 >---+---+
|  | 4 | 5 |
Where: 1 is project files tree window; 2 is CLJ or Elisp files window; 3 is REPL or bash shell window; 4 is CLJ tests, Markdown files window; 5 is exceptions window? I tried to use purpose-mode for that but it doesn't work consistently (from time to time buffers are opened in random windows and frames are additionally split without any reason).


1 you can get with neotree

New To Clojure00:12:12

@bostonaholic neotree is good indeed. that's what I'm using currently.


I wrote a package called resize-window to make window management easier. I can't use emacs without it now


Could help you set up that layout easily


(fwiw) In your readme you mention using overlays for emphasizing the selected buffer… Here’s a rough implementation where I’m using face remapping in the unselected buffers instead. The remapped faces are computed to be “dimmer” than the actual theme but otherwise matching the themes hues. Alpha quality, barely tested.


nice. that's what i want to do but i wasn't sure how to get a list of all visible buffers so i just went with the current buffer


I was thinking something like (mapcar 'window-buffer (window-list)) and then check and remove duplicates. But what I’ve got seems snappy enough even though it’s doing unnecessary work on the offscreen buffers.


… correction, I’ve got reports of sluggishness so I’m doing some profiling. I did say “alpha quality, barely tested” didn’t I?

New To Clojure17:12:18

Why doc can't be used in CIDER repl? I used it all the time in clojure-inf repl.

> (doc type)
CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: doc in this context, compiling:(*cider-repl




it's just another function in a namespace. you need to make sure you refer to it


in the user namespace they are imported and exposed.

New To Clojure17:12:27

that works but is slower than (doc type) in lein repl in terminal


(clojure.repl/doc clojure.repl/doc)
  Prints documentation for a var or special form given its name


(use 'clojure.repl)
breeze.jib.server.core> (doc doc)
  Prints documentation for a var or special form given its name


use clojure.repl and then you can go with it

New To Clojure17:12:07

Restarted repl and now it's as fast as in terminal (had a lot of text in that buffer). Thank you, @dpsutton, again!


@ghsgd2 M-x cider-repl-clear-buffer can help when your cider buffer gets too long for emacs to handle


also, hit , in the repl for some options. one of which is clear. also refresh and some other goodies


can you guys remind me what should be the value of cider-lein-parameters for jack-in-clojurescript if the lein task is dev? I tried setting it to "dev" but I think it didn't work


it's running the task, ring and figwheel, compiles clojurescript, but doesn't connect to the repl. And doesn't create cider-repl buffers