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Thanks @valtteri. Sort of what I was thinking. Appreciate the input.


Hello everyone, I’m having problems while using sqs… I have a queue with 100+ msgs and receive-message always returns the first SAME 10 msgs


after the first successful read the latter calls returns an empty list


Are you using some library or just making calls to SQS API with aws-sdk?


I’m guessing that you’re not deleting messages from the queue after reading and therefore you’ll receive the same messages again and again. After you’ve successfully read the message, you have to tell SQS to delete the message from the queue (using receipt handle). See and

Geoffrey Gaillard21:12:20

Hello ! I have a cluster of EC2 instances and I'd like to broadcast messages between them. Redis pubsub feature is exactly what I need, but do any of you know a better "clojure way" ? I mean sending a copy of the message to every machines on the cluster except the sender itself. Besides it seems Redis pubsub do not scale linearly with cluster size…