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What's the easiest way to run a nightly job on aws? I have a clojure webapp I'm running currently. But don't know enough about devops to know the best way. Would have run a spring chron service pre-cloud.


The job just sends out daily emails


@stvnmllr2 there is a new cron-like trigger for lambda I think now


yeah. I saw that I think. But apparently lambda doesn't easily talk to RDS?


I did think of having the lambda job just call a url in my webapp that would then do the work. But seemed there had to be a better way.


@stvnmllr2 no? I am using node-postgres pretty well. True no connection pool works.. depending on what performance you want to get ..


Ok, I'll look down that road (though with java), performance is not a big deal in this case since it's a background thing. If anyone else has any non-lambda ideas, even if it's old school. let me know. thanks @richiardiandrea


Lambda is the easiest and cheapest way to run scheduled jobs on AWS. If lambda is not optimal to execute your job then you can use the lambda just to invoke some other service that can run your stuff (AWS Batch for instance).