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I read the issue, and I don't know if the problem it would solve is the one we want to solve....for me most of the times is the other way around: I want to add deps to the running pod


To more plainly put it, the problem I want to solve is that I can download all of my dependencies ahead of build time and build in an isolated environment (edit: isolated from the internet)


@danielcompton I wonder if something like deftaskedn would be good for this? Tasks could choose to opt-in to having resolution done by declaring a key.


They can of course still be dynamic in their resolution, but you can choose to: 1) Not use those tasks 2) Pull request those tasks 3) Live with no caching for the dependencies they bring in (or in the case of cursive, no source jumping without the jvm)


The thing is that the isolation is already provided with pods but you don't have visibility of what a task will put on the classpath. Deftaskedn can mitigate this but then yes you'd need to PR and change a lot of projects + have a step in CI that reads this edn and resolves the dependencies itself (or use tools.deps?).


@richiardiandrea I think @danielcompton is referring to isolation in the form of "offline box without internet" rather than in terms of the classpath.


Yeah, mixing my concepts here. It would be nice to be able to have all dependencies able to be declared by a boot plugin and downloaded, without the dependencies needing to go on the classpath


words are hard 🙂


I blame the anaphoric macros.