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Joshua Suskalo06:12:41

Has anyone made an electron app with re-frame?


@suskeyhose yes. I gave a talk about it at last year’s clojureX (the video may still be online). The code would need some love and I haven’t touched it since April, but you can find the source here


how can I be explicit about the order of fx-handlers. Say handler-b is dependent on handler-a to finish before it starts doing work on that same datom?


@hkjels probably too naive, but I’d group them in a separate handler 🙂


@bru they are grouped, but since they all do work over the wire, I have no guarantee that they return in the same order as I execute them


@hkjels I think this looks like something that would help:


this problem occurred because I re-factored to a more deeply nested structure in order to get more elements cached. However, I’m starting to think that the added complexity isn’t worth it


Making them all merge-operations, seems to have solved the issue


slightly nasty, but preferable to adding another lib

Joshua Suskalo14:12:34

Thanks very much @bru


Hey re-framers I was working on a real-world-example-app (medium clone) in re-frame. Still some things to do/refactor ... but most of the functionality is done. I tired to keep as close as possible to todomvc example with style/comments and find it very difficult to bead @danielcompton in his poetic comments


@U8A5NMMGD very cool! I guess in order for it to appear as a front end at lots of us have to star your repo.


Thank you @U0EP0D9FE. I tried to get in touch with the guys from thinkser but i guess they are a bit buys :thinking_face:. I'll try to get in touch with them again in a couple of days. The stars will definitely help to boost the credibility 🌟


hello everyone, using hiccup how can I generate this html ? <input type="radio" name="imgsel" value="" checked="checked" />`


[:input {:type "radio"
                     :name "channel"
                     :value "Email"
                     :checked "checked"}]
this isnt working


@plinsis it :checked true