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Morning! First day was good. I missed the first few sessions as I was running late yesterday. All of the sessions are pretty much online as soon as the talks are complete. You should be able to watch them by clicking on the play icon for each session and following down the rabbit hole (you'll need to sign in to watch the sessions)


And, of course, the hallway track is always great simple_smile It's always great getting to know other clojurians a little better


My key takeaways from the sessions I attended: - I don't understand mathematical formulas and Ricky is a very clever guy who really understands what's going on with neural networks and machine learning and has a clever wit which had me chuckling a few times - wrt onyx, make use Kafka streams. @jasonbell is also pretty comical - Renzo's talk on Clojure puzzlers was a lot of fun - Klipse is pretty sweet for real time exploring of Clojure (and other languages) in the browser - The work that ClojureBridge London is doing is really great


I didn’t understand the formulas, but it made me want to learn them. Also provided a bit of context and understanding of the need to level up before considering ML as a solution.


I learnt a bit more about what happened on the project after I left my old job - again, really sorry @jasonbell 😄


😂 why what happened?!


Was a really good talk - honestly the quality has been fabulous - lots of great talks this last two days 🙂


I’m loving all the real-life lessons learned and edge cases described. It’s how you find out what happens when you go beyond the tutorial :)


Yeah some great talks from folk, and interesting conversations… Really nice meeting a lot of you face 2 face for once!


same here, really enjoyed catching up or meeting you all


Wish I'd been able to meet more of you that were there