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Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:12:27

The lib map returned from resolve-deps is flat but has dependent data in it so it’s actually a shredded tree

Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:12:09

Do you want the data for something or printing for debug?


Has anybody figured out how to jump between panes in intelliJ + IdeaVim. For instance on Chrome devtools: * I can cmd + ] to move to the next pane or the opposite * with cmd + 2 jump to console, cmd + 7 to jump to application It would be nice to be to be able to do the same for opened editor panes.


You can use e.g. Alt+1 to open the Project pane. Each tool window that has an assigned Alt+digit key combination, has this digit right before the panel name.


And all these shortcuts are completely customizable, so even if some panel doesn't have a key combination, you can assign your own.


Thanks @p-himik, I got cmd+] and the other working. Guess I was too afraid to mess with default settings 😬


How does Cursive know which forms are binding forms? I am guessing it maybe hard coded to know about fn, let etc..?


i'm getting "cannot resolve conn" errors from uses of, e.g. jdbc/with-db-connection [conn db] (same for with-db-transaction) and it just occurred to me that it may rather be that cursive doesn't realise these are binding forms


there’s an inspection where you can make with-db-connection resolve as let


ah, the indentation expectation is super-handy too, thank you doubly!!


(ah, it is applied to new ones, just not retroactively to old ones)


@sandbags Right, it won’t reformat all your existing code, you’ll have to do that manually. It’ll just update the form you’re using as an example.