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> Error: resource-path for /html/page.html returned nil, typically means the file doesn't exist in your classpath. Getting this now, for some reason


@cpmcdaniel Windows problems 😅 there's an issue open for that right now @yogthos and I don't run Windows so if you're able to tackle the bug that would be much appreciated 😄 Alternatively you could use an older version of Selmer since people have successfully used Cryogen on windows in the past


Ah, see I was using a docker image and a local volume to run cryogen from a docker container. Then I fired up Cursive/IDEA and tried running lein ring server from the IDE.


of course, there is also WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)


given the state of the clj tool itself on Windows, maybe we should just steer folks to use WSL


I think I have a fix for issue 204

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I'll try to get a PR together for it


I haven't done PRs from a fork in a while. Is it customary just to make the commits in master in my fork and submit a PR from there, or is it generally better to do my work in a branch?


Hey. I would work in a branch. iirc You can set up the PR with a different origin (fork source) into master regardless. Then, once the PR is accepted and merged, your fork’s master would be clean and you can pull latest master cleanly into your fork.


Yeah, I looked at some other PRs as an example and did it that way

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you’re always online now


lol I stayed up a little too late last night working on this.


I also found that the Selmer unit tests had the same issue (using getAbsolutePath instead of getAbsoluteFile) and were failing on Windows, along with some others that were failing because of line separators: