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In Q2 I'll apply for Clojurists Together funding to do work on clj-kondo, babashka and the Small Clojure Interpreter. Today is the last day you can fill our their survey. The backlog:

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Jakob Durstberger10:03:35

I hope this isn’t a silly question, but I didn’t quite understand this from their website. Is the idea that you apply and if you get chosen you get paid to work on these repos?


You can apply for a project you will work on. Others can fill out surveys and suggest projects that they want to support. If your project is mentioned enough, they will consider it.

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so...where is the survey? am i missing something obvious?


The Survey is sent if you are donating to Clojurists Together.


ah, i see. thanks for the clarification.


Ah, I went off looking for the survey too. I didn't realize it only went to donors.


At least that's my assumption. I could be wrong?

Jakob Durstberger17:03:03

Yeah as far as I understood you only get a vote as someone who pays


Yep only members get surveyed