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Bardia Pourvakil03:03:29

Anyone have any idea why I’m not able to access my namespaces in my CIDER nrepl session into my shadow-cljs project


How are you trying to access them? Also, browser or node? If browser have you loaded the app in the browser and if node have you started a node process?

Bardia Pourvakil03:03:52

I’m targeting my :app

Bardia Pourvakil03:03:56

It’s being watched

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:02

And hot reloading works

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:16

And alerts and console logs work

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:33

But for whatever reason I can’t access my namespace to test state etc


It’s a test namespace? Is it on the class path? Do you have a repl buffer open?

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:09

It’s the main app namespace

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:31

You can check out my code here

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:36

The repl buffer is open

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:21

Nvm it worked now I was trying to use in-ns and use

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:27

But using just ns worked

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:39

Do you know why that would be so ?


what command did you try and which actually worked?


just a heads up. i cloned your repo and you've got symlinks for unsaved files in your src directory

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:08

I was trying (use ‘bardia-pourvakil.core) and (in-ns ‘bardia-pourvakil.core) and (require :reload ‘bardia-pourvakil.core)

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:16

Ahh thanks will remove those

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:43

(ns bardia-pourvakil.core) worked


(require 'bardia-pourvakil.core :reload)


then (in-ns '...)

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:45

Ahh cool thanks

Bardia Pourvakil04:03:50

Sorry I’m super noob to clojure


no worries 🙂