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Dave Simmons20:03:04

Hi All. @kevin.van.rooijen kindly pointed me in the direction of duct/reitit ( Unfortunately leingen fails to find the jar in either maven or clojars. There is a comment about bringing the project under the Duct umbrella. Does anyone know if this happened or how I can get access to duct/reitit (it doesn't look very complex so I "could" fork it but wanted to see if there was any other option first).


It looks like the author is a member of this channel - maybe ping him? But, given that there are no custom repos defined in the project.clj, the open issue and the fact that you couldn't find it in Maven Central or Clojars, my guess is that it hasn't been deployed anywhere. If you just want to try it out you can always just pull the source down and run a lein install maybe?