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Anyone have any experience reports deploying clojure apps to dokku? On digital ocean the one-click-install version seems pretty old, is it worth it to go for a newer version manually?


Honestly I wish heroku just had more granular pricing, where I could pay $15/month or something and get at least a gig of ram (it goes from 512mb for $7 to $50 for a gig). It seems like most my clojure stuff is happier with at least a gig.


I'd rather avoid running my own server if at all possible, but dokku+digital ocean seems too good to be true from a pricing standpoint. I'm curious if it's actually as hands-off and easy to manage as it seems

Ahmed Hassan16:03:57

You can use #spire for provisioning and configuration of remote machine.

Ahmed Hassan16:03:32

Just make a jar file and sftp it to the remote server machine, or clone the GitHub repo on remote server machine and build jar there for deployment.


spire looks cool, but I'm really looking for a maximally hands-off way to deploy multiple clojure projects to the same place. I would still have to manage some server software to accomplish this with spire right?

Ahmed Hassan18:03:18

You can write scripts to automate software installation and configuration management of server with spire, you can also automate fetching, building, deployment of application to server with it.

Ahmed Hassan18:03:56

As for deploying multiple projects, look at Nginx, you can have any number of domains pointing at it's respective service running on machine with Nginx. All the setup for this is done in configuration file of Nginx.

Ahmed Hassan18:03:21

It's much simpler and clearer to do things manually with scripts than to introduce more dependencies like Dokku IMO. And with JVM you have JAR file, which already is a container.

Ahmed Hassan18:03:26

Spire is installed on client machine, like your pc or laptop. And you ssh into server machine with it. And Spire is just one binary. So, there's no additional server software.


hmmmm I think I'll give it a shot


@U064UGEUQ dunno if you saw this, but here is a simple guide to running clojure on dokku: it was pretty easy to get the heroku clojure demo app going


thanks! Yeah it wasn't working for me yesterday but i might take another crack at some point